DANCE, movement of the body in a rhythmic way, usually to music, and within a given space. for the purpose of expressing ideas or an emotion, simply taking delight in the movement itself.

  1. HIP HOP  
    Hip hop is an urban dance style also known as street dance. Hip Hop is edgy, raw and intense. Hip Hop is mostly dance to hip hop, urban, and rap music. Hip hop apart from most dance genres is that it is often freestyle in nature and doesn’t follow a vocabulary.  Hip Hop is is a style of dance that is open to facial expression.

    *sentence*: Hip hop is very popular especially to Teenagers nowadays.




Ballet, said to be the most difficult genre to master, ballet is the core of all dance. Ballet is a poised style of dance and is the basis of many other forms.

*sentence*: Ruze wants to learn Ballet.



Tap Dance is best described as “musical feet”. Tap is a form of dance where dancers use their feet as percussive instruments. There are many different styles of tapping however the two most noted are Rhythm Tap and Broadway Tap. Rhythm Tap is more musically driven, where as Broadway Tap is more dance and movement oriented. Tap is great for fostering rhythm in dancers.

*sentence*: Kid’s from La Salle University likes to Tap Dance.



Jazz is the most popular style of dance amongst dancers. Jazz embodies many aspects of dance. It has been influenced by ballet, modern, tap, hip-hop, African dance and many more styles. Jazz pulls from all dance styles mixing them together to create a high energy style that knows no boundaries. Jazz is most often set to up beat popular songs of the time.

*sentence*: Kit is very interested in jazz.

5. CONTEMPORARY DANCE DCDC Urban Impulse ShedContemporary dance embodies ballet, modern, jazz and lyrical. It uses technique such as ballet as its fundamentals and creates many more greater movements that do not adhere to the strict rules of ballet and modern.

*sentence*: Kid’s this days are not fond in Contemporary Dance. 



Lyrical jazz is a very passionate and emotional dance style. It portrays certain emotions such as love, and tells a story through every movement made.

*sentence*: Ruth like to express her emotions through Lyrical Dance.


Modern was said to be developed as a rebellion against classical ballet. Since then it has come into its own. Built on concepts of rawness, modern dance focuses on the dancers strong relationship with the floor, concepts of contraction & release and the connectivity of breath and , movement. Modern can be performed in bare feet, or with a half-sole type of shoe that will allow a great amount of freedom in the foot while providing protection from the floor.

SENTENCE: Modern dance is not famous nowadays.


Highland dance was developed in the Gaelic Highlands of Scotland and should not be confused with Scottish Country Dancing. Highland dancing requires a lot of stamina , as well as arm and leg strength.

SENTENCE: Highland dancing is a foreign Dance. 


Line Dancing is a social dance that is made up of a sequence of steps that is repeated. Line dancing is associated with country-western music and dance.  Line dancing is a solo dance that is danced in a straight line, a circle or in a “follow the leader” pattern.

SENTENCE: Kit likes Line Dancing. 


Irish dancing originated from Ireland and can be divided into performance and social dances. Made famous by Riverdance it is best recognized by its rapid leg and foot movements while the body and arms are kept largely stationary.

SENTENCE: Irish Dancing is not famous in the Phillipines. 


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